Windward Adventure

Outdoor adventures for ages 6-14

Problem Solving

Windward Adventure

The Northwest Discovery Lab is pleased to announce the launch of Windward Adventure, a collaborative experiential program that will focus on the connection between outdoor adventures and indoor investigations.

The well-loved Port Townsend Adventure School 4-H program will merge with Windward School at Fort Worden to create this exciting new afterschool program for youth throughout Jefferson County.

Warren Shelley-Rose, founder of PT Adventure School, is joining NW Discovery Lab staff to lead student explorers as they take advantage of the wealth of adventuresome learning opportunities our unique home offers.


Two Wheeled Mondays

After School on Mondays

Explorers will meet at 2:30pm at Grant Street Elementary, or at 3pm at Blue Heron Middle School for “Bike Adventure,” a two-hour adventure where kids bike from school, through forests and clearings, to Fort Worden’s forests and trails, ending at the Schoolhouse. This is a Chose-Your-Own Adventure, where only the start and end time are pre-determined. Kids explore, play, and learn in this self-directed program.

Wayward Wednesdays

Early Release Program

Wednesday afternoons at Fort Worden are Windward Adventure, where explorers hike throughout the forests, bunkers, and beaches while learning valuable science lessons. Each month includes a theme and project, like compass making, lantern making, etc.

Two Wheeled Mondays

On Monday afternoons, student adventurers will meet at 2:30pm at Grant Street Elementary, or 3pm at Blue Heron Middle School for “Bike Adventure,” a two-hour adventure during which kids are led on a bike ride from the school to Fort Worden, taking their time along the way to engage with their environment, while learning bike safety and trail etiquette.

When: 10 week program on Mondays starting January 22nd (we follow the Port Townsend School District calendar)

Time: 2:30pm/3pm-5pm

Ages: 8 to 14 years

Location: Trails and paths to Fort Worden’s Schoolhouse, Building 298, Room H

To bring: Adventurers should have a bike, helmet, a basic understanding of bike safety, and a book or homework project in their backpack.

Wayward Wednesdays

On Wednesday afternoons, Windward Adventurers hike through the forests, batteries, and beaches of Fort Worden. The simple act of exploring brings with it enormous opportunity for learning: environmental science concepts while observing the return of green to the fields and undergrowth; engineering concepts while building a fort or bridge; marine biology while exploring the beach at low tide; physics while racing down a hill or examining the changing echoes inside the batteries’ chambers; the list could go on and on. After hours of playful examination of their outdoor environment, explorers will return to the Schoolhouse to reflect on their observations. Indoor time may include work with collected samples under a microscope or as part of a craft project, research to answer questions raised while outside, instruction on the various tools explorers find useful, and work on ongoing projects. Each day’s agenda will be largely student-led, with a seasonally appropriate emphasis each month. Instructors will guide exploration, facilitate research, and impart wisdom and appreciation for the natural wonders of our unique surroundings.

When: 10 week program on Wednesdays starting January 24th (we follow the Port Townsend School District calendar)

Time: 1:30pm-5:30pm

Ages: 6 to 14 years

Location: Start and end at Fort Worden’s Schoolhouse, Building 298, Room H, but exploration includes all of the forests and beaches that Fort Worden has to offer.

To bring: appropriate clothing, layers, footwear, and a healthy snack.

Transportation from Blue Heron Middle School is available, but limited.

Experiential Education

Our program philosophy utilizes the experiential model of learning, which can be simply described as:

Challenge and Experience followed by Reflection leading to Learning and Growth.

This philosophy of challenge is reflected in the name Windward. We feel that being windward may be more challenging than leeward, but it’s with those challenges that amazing things grow from. It’s the challenges that enable children to create, adapt, and try again. Windward implies adventure, action, and the experiential model of learning.

Community Partnerships

The Windward Program is a partnership between the NW Discovery Lab and the 4-H WSU Extension Jefferson County. Partnering with 4-H allows greater flexibility, growth opportunity, and the support of a wonderful non-profit youth organization.
We have also partnered with other organizations within our community and beyond to create a diverse learning program for all children.